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In Small Claims Court, all costs of service are usually recoverable and added to the amount of your judgment. If you give us correct information and enough time, we have your paper served in a timely manner.


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Basic - Local

Service on ONE person or a business in Los Angeles County

$66 or $86 or $106 depending on distance from our office

Basic - Remote

Service outside of Los Angeles County

varies based on location/distance

Basic - Multiple

Service of SECOND person at the same address and at the same time

Add $30

Rush - Today

Today, if in office before noon

Add $54

Rush - Tomorrow

Tomorrow, if in office before 4:00 pm

Add $44

Rush - 3 to 4 days

3-4 Days

Add $24

Personal Service*

If "personal service" is required for any document such as an OSC/TRO, ORAP, or SUBPENA, or if there is TIME ISSUE in Small Claims Court; the add-on cost will be determined not only by what is to be served, but where it is to be served and the degree of difficulty involved.


Range: $50 to $100

If "someone" has already attempted service (i.e. Sheriff, Process Server, Friend or Relative)

Add $50


HOWEVER, if you FAIL to disclose a Prior Attempt(s) which causes it to become more difficult to serve

You will be charged an additional $100

If you have given us an incorrectly spelled person's name; or if any part of the address is incorrect, if we can correct it before it goes out, you will only be charged an ADDITIONAL $50. 


However, if you "RE-ASSURE US" that all the information you have given us is accurate and when we get there, WE DISCOVER IT IS NOT; if we can correct it (IN THE FIELD) and then successfully serve it, you will only be charged an ADDITIONAL $100.



*CCP 116.340(b) <paraphrasing the code> [PERSONAL SERVICE] {within the County in which the Claim is filed} Service of the Plaintiff’s Claim and Order on the Defendant shall be completed at least (15) fifteen days before the hearing date.

BUT IF THE DEFENDANT RESIDES OUTSIDE THE COUNTY IN WHICH THE CLAIM IS FILED, IT MUST BE Personally Served ~not less than~ (20) twenty days before the hearing date.

If service is made by “Substitution” merely add (10) ten days to each of the number of days referred-to above; i.e. (25) twenty-five days IN the County or (30) thirty days OUTSIDE the County.

A Defendant that resides outside of the State of California canNOT be served through the Small Claims system unless your suit concerns [real] property located in California, and the owner does not live in California; or you had a car accident in California, and the owner or driver of the other car does not live in California.



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